It takes the people in the church to pass along the emotion and the meaning of what happened that day on a cross 2,000 years ago. That means you need to grow. You need to commit to fellowship, and make sure you don’t walk alone. You need to pray on your own and with others. Because we want the next generation of Christ followers to receive the significance of Jesus, His sacrifice and the grace of God. He ran into the jaws of death when everyone else was running away. He gave His life to save us. Was cut off from the father so we could call on God as our father. He was forsaken, so we could be brought in. And He is not done saving people, not by a long shot, and so He looks to you and me to stand in the gap and be examples of the love and mercy of God. That’s our ultimate squad goal: to share Christ, and to do it together. And experience the joy of that togetherness as we share the love of our savior.