God’s job is to help us along on the journey, so we can grow in our experience of this new life He has given us, but we have to choose to partner with Him. To follow Him will sometimes mean that you say no to a momentary desire and instead say yes to God and your new life. You really want to lay into that person who disrespected you, but God prompts you to let it go. You feel the burning desire to share the latest gossip with a friend, but He prompts you keep that yourself. You feel too rushed to stop and talk to that certain person, but God prompts you to reach out. You feel overwhelmed by what the day is throwing at you, but He prompts you to stop and pray. You feel the urge to keep every dollar you earn, but God prompts you to give. Listen when you feel an urge to do things the old way, and then obey Him instead, that is how you grow.