You may be here today and feel like your life is already over. You have made too many mistakes, squandered too many opportunities, and now it's just too late. Listen, it's never too late to start a new life. Jesus was dead, sealed in a tomb, and by the power of God He rose again. He didn’t come back to condemn the people that killed Him. He came back to forgive people and give them new life. He rose from the grave so you can rise up from your past. He rose up from the grave so you can rise above the stupid things you did, or the horrible things that happened. He rose up from the grave so you can rise up and have a new life. The Bible says, salvation is available so long as it's called today. Salvation is not about yesterday, you didn't miss out in your chance. Salvation is not about tomorrow, you don't have to wait and do penance or be worthy. Salvation is about today. Salvation is about now. Your past is a big deal, but Jesus is a bigger deal. It's never too late to have a brand-new life.