In Heaven, you don’t have a mixture of good and bad. It’s just all good all the time. It’s all joy and no heartbreak. It doesn’t get worse as you go along, not in Heaven. There’s no boredom in Heaven. It’s not a never-ending sing-along in the clouds. It’s described as a feast, a party, and a wedding. It’s described as a new Heaven and a new earth with purposeful work, unending exploration, and unfiltered delight because God himself is there. Most important of all, no more death. Love without parting. We don’t have that yet, but we hope for it. We’ll see those we’ve lost and never lose them again. With Jesus, we need never say goodbye, we need only say, ‘until we meet again.’ No more pain, no more loss, no more boredom, no more stress, no more disabilities, no more broken relationships, no more unmet longings. It's so awesome, we can only describe it by what it isn't. This is our inheritance held in Heaven.