We all need to focus on things to get through life. In the coming weeks you’ll be in situations where all you’re thinking about is: I need to get my kid some food, I need to get this package in the mail, I need to get my car fixed, I need to get this project done, I need to get the trash to the curb, I need to return these shoes, I need to get in my steps, I need to get some lunch, I need to get some coffee, I just want to rest, and I just want to get home. I believe God calls us all to lay a macro-focus on the top of all those micro focuses. On top of that, He calls us to think about our life-focus: to be God’s representative and to show His friendship to other people who are not yet friends with Him. Often, your life-focus is happening just outside of your micro focus. Maybe there are people you’re supposed to encourage, talk to, or show some kindness in the midst of that activity. In fact, they may be a person who feels like an interruption. It might be in a place that feels like you should just be passing through. The friend God wants you to find might appear when you are in the middle of something else.