Normally when we worry, we seek assurance. We seek solutions. We seek security. When we feel empty, we seek the next purchase or next experience. When we get in over our head, we seek more credit, we seek payday loans, or we seek a second or third job. All that does is make these issues dominate our thoughts. The only solution, according to the Boss, is to seek the Kingdom of God first. We don’t get everything we need by seeking it. We get everything we need by seeking God first. Out of all the options we have, out of all the things we can seek for and be occupied with, we’re to seek first the things of the One to whom we belong. The term Kingdom does not refer to a geographical territory but to a dominion or rule. God’s Kingdom is God’s sovereign rule, and therefore to seek first His kingdom is to seek first His rule, His will, and His authority. Seek God above all else and He’ll provide everything you need.