God sustains us when we feel life’s pressure. Sometimes we can be tempted to think the problem in our lives is the pressure we are under. If we could get out of the pressure, there wouldn’t be any problems. But pressure is just a part of life. Some of the greatest achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the pressure that helped produce them. We tend to see pressure as a problem we need to solve. We might say, “If I didn’t have relational pressure, or money pressure, or work pressure—I’d be happy. I just need to get away from the pressure.” While there may be valid points there, I’d suggest pressure is more like a tension we need to manage than a problem we solve. If you get out of one area of pressure, you’ll just find yourself in another. Often pressure isn’t the problem. Belief in Jesus isn’t the problem. A lack of spiritual practices that allow us to regularly rehydrate—to come and drink spiritually, to be filled with God’s spirit daily,—is the core problem. We’re doing the survival course of life without taking advantage of the spiritual power that’s available to us. Pressure mixed with God’s purpose and provision is a recipe for profound growth. How do we stay hydrated spiritually? By engaging in our faith personally and committing to the Church community.