Some of us have that thing in our lives we want to stay hidden. Maybe it’s an addiction, a behavior you keep secret, a weakness, a stronghold of sin, a thing that’s bleeding you dry and draining your life away…the thing that is getting worse and worse. We may think the worst thing in our lives is if someone found out. The real worst thing is not bringing it to Jesus and seeking His healing. Some of us are seeking solutions everywhere; we’re trying to handle it on our own. We need to bring our troubles to Jesus. Maybe you’re doubting, you’re scared, you don’t know about God, you think He’s mad, you think He doesn’t care, or you think He’ll judge you. Listen, we can’t be stubborn when we have a nail in our heart. Instead we need to go to our nail-scarred Savior and He will begin to restore us. That’s why we have a motto around Central Church: it’s okay to not be okay. Without God, no one is okay. Everyone comes to God in a full-on, NOT okay state. With His grace and action within us, He can turn old wounds we want to hide into a new story of restoration we want to share. Jesus meets people at their worst to offer His best.