In my wife Lori’s book, My Name is Victorious, she writes about the Japanese art of Kintsugi, meaning “to patch with gold.” When using the Kintsugi technique, the artist takes broken ceramics or pottery and reassembles the pieces in an unusual way. Typically, restoration of damage is done so breaks are hidden and concealed, making the item as good as new. Kintsugi, however, uses precious metals such as gold and copper to reattach the shards and highlight the breaks instead of hiding them. The pottery becomes artistically better than new and can even become more valuable. Kintsugi is an art making broken things more beautiful than before they were broken. Isn’t that just like God? He’s in the business of healing hurts. He is the master at taking the broken pieces of our lives, restoring them, and making them even more beautiful than they’ve ever been. He loves restoring broken people and turning the damaged areas into gold. God can make your brokenness beautiful.