In Jesus you aren’t your past. You are not your worst moments. You are not your private and public failures. You are not what your critics say. You are not what happened to you, you are not a victim, you are not mistake, and you are not an accident. Give your past to God before it robs you of your present and your future. Let God forgive the past, let God heal your past, let God set you free from the past, let God carry the burden, let God have the bitterness, let God have the anger, let God have the hate, let God have the betrayal, let God have the fear, let God have the worry, let God transform the insecurity, and let God lighten the load. It is too heavy to carry alone. It is slowing you down too much, it is stealing the joy you can have today, and it is clouding your view of others and the future. Let God take that betrayal and bring something beautiful out of it. Let God help you with your trust issues. Let God change your thinking. Let God change your attitude. Let God shape you to learn from the past and not be imprisoned by the past. Release the past so you don’t repeat the past and then you can help others deal with their past. Let God be the God of the past, the present, and the future and seize the day.