If you want more of God’s blessing in your life, be faithful with what He puts in your hand. Right now, some of you are praying for a better job. As you pray, focus on being faithful with the work you have until God opens a door. Jesus said if you are faithful with little you will be faithful with much. It’s how you handle the little now that determines how you might handle the much later. If you’re praying for a date, focus on being the most dateable person you can be. If you’re praying for more money, be faithful with the little money you have, tithe, give back to God, manage your expenses diligently, and try to make your little grow. If you’re praying for more growth spiritually, look at all God has put in your life today and be faithful with it. If you pray for more impact, be faithful managing the impact you have today. If you’re praying for more responsibility, be faithful with the things you are responsible for today. If you’re faithful with little, you will be faithful with much.