What does patience look like? Patience responds with empathy. Envy is wanting the good things another person has. Envy often sounds like this; “Must be nice…” Must be nice to stay home all day. Must be nice to go out whenever you feel like it. Must be nice to eat my food and use my Internet without having to pay for it. Must be nice to be so important and busy that you don’t have time for an old friend. Patience presses pause on that emotional reaction so you can have empathy. Empathy is identifying with another person’s struggle. Must be hard to go out there and earn a living. Must be hard to manage the meals, the kids, and the house. Must be hard to deal with all those school pressures. Must be hard to have so little free time. Your focus shifts from the pressure you feel, to the pressure they feel. You empathize. This doesn’t mean you give in. It means you don’t blow up. Sometimes we have to stop and remember: God has been patient with me. So we have to try our hardest to do the same with others.