As we deal with the challenges of life, what can start to happen to us is exactly what happened to the Hebrews—we stop living with the expectation that Jesus can and will save us. We start to feel like we are completely on our own and we revert back to old ways of thinking and acting. You start to make most of your decisions without praying or considering God at all. You feel such pressure to make life better you become willing to compromise your values to get what you feel you need. When we stop expecting better things to come from God we seek those better things elsewhere. We want a relationship to make us feel complete. A vacation to make us feel alive. A job or family to give us purpose. Entertainment to keep us sane. Money to make us feel secure. Talent or looks to make us feel valuable. But it doesn't work! We never find the better we are looking for apart from God. We only find more work, more frustration and more disappointment. You are meant for better things! Not things that come with life, but things that come with salvation. So send off your requests to God. As many as you want! Be expectant that He can and will show up in the midst of your struggles.