Sometimes you expect things to go one way and life has other plans. You just want to go to work but your car won’t start and you freak out. You just want your kids to go to school but someone gets sick and you freak out. You can barely handle demands of life as it is. You are so tired, you are so busy, and then comes an illness, a family emergency, or overtime—and you freak out. You just want to save a little, get a little financial margin but there’s some unexpected repairs; a tax bill, braces, you name it—life is full stuff ready to break you—and you freak out! Here’s what’s at the core of most of the times we freak out: the fear of not having enough. Not enough money, not enough time, not enough energy, not enough patience, not enough connections, not enough skill or talent or whatever it is we need to feel like life is good. We freak out, wondering, how will there ever be enough to deal with what I’m dealing with? These moments shake us up, but here is the good news today: God has made a promise: if we seek Him first, He’ll provide all we need. He may not do it on our timetable, or in the way we expect, but He is faithful even when our faith is failing. What can you do today to seek God first in the midst of what has you shaken up?