My friend Judy is in her 80’s and used to be a nun. Then she was a corrections officer after that. Through that whole journey she talked about how after 75 years of searching for love and acceptance, God grabbed a hold of her one weekend. She happened to be sitting at Central Church. She began to experience His love in her heart for the first time. This is how she put it: “I can finally rest in the fact that I know I’m not good enough for God but He is absolutely good enough for me. It is a gift I hope everyone will receive. I just hope it doesn’t take you 75 years to figure out.” Judy is kind. She is gentle. She is good. She is joyful. But it did not happen because she kept the Ten commandments. I think she’d tell you that led to guilt. But that day she learned that God is good. Good enough for her. That goodness saved her and transformed her. She saw that God is the only one who can rule in her heart. The only one who can rule in her life. The only one who can save. After that, she kept the Ten Commandments without even thinking about it much. She was too busy thinking about how good God is.