Today, put on the body armor of God’s righteousness. First, it’s the idea that God imputes the righteousness of Jesus onto your life, so in God’s eyes, you are morally perfect. You may think you’re a mess but as a believer in Jesus you wear His righteousness. When you put on His righteousness, you are new. The past is the past. It doesn’t own you. Shame does not define you. Don’t let the devil tell you, ‘you’re just an addict so you may as well give in.” You are not an addict. You are a child of God. The other way this body armor of righteousness works is that as you learn more and more of what it means to live out your faith, loving God and loving others, the more you can see these temptations for what they are. The more you see that God’s way really is the best way. And you aim for what gives life, not just what gives pleasure or gives relief.