There is often a testing after a triumph. When Jesus was baptized God spoke, heaven opened, it was a huge public triumph and immediately after he was tempted by the devil for 40 days in the wilderness. A testing often follows a triumph. Some of you have made spiritual decisions recently; you have placed your faith and trust in Jesus or made a huge step in your spiritual life. You’ve forgiven a grudge you have held for years. You have started to trust God financially; you have started activating your faith. Don’t be surprised if things feel harder before they feel easier. When you push back the darkness, the darkness pushes back. Difficulty teaches humility which empowers future victory. We learn to rely on God and stand firm in the difficulty, we learn life isn’t about us, and this opens our heart for God to use us more in the future. If a testing is following a triumph in your life, it just means God is getting you ready to be used more fully by Him. Jesus would go on after being tempted to engage in his public ministry and show us the entire path to victory. Stand firm in the testing. The testing that follows the triumph prepares you for your purpose.