Have you ever had a challenge knock you flat on your back and make you wonder if you would ever get up again? You thought you had the relationship stuff all dialed in. You fell in love, things were moving forward, you felt strong and then came the arguments, the betrayal, the change of heart, and that relationship now feels lifeless. Maybe your job used to be fun. It felt like a blessing and you felt lucky to have it. But then came the added responsibilities, the change of leadership or direction, and now it just feels dead—no more life. Or maybe it’s school. At the beginning you have all those fresh binders, a new backpack, a huge stack of new pencils. Then comes the homework. The projects. The crowds and the drama. The binder and backpack are looking all ragged. The pencils are all broken and the erasers are gone and finals are coming up. No life. There’s all kinds of things in life make us realize we are not as strong as we thought we were. All kinds of areas where we once felt alive, but now feel lifeless. Overwhelmed. Knocked flat. The Good News today is this: Jesus is alive again, so we can experience life again!