When you don’t hold tightly to people who share your hope, you eventually lose some of your grip on that hope. Think about the times you fell away from your faith or found yourself far from God. It most likely wasn’t a conscious decision. You didn’t say, “I think I’m going to lose myself in an unhealthy relationship.’ Or “I think I’m going to ignore God’s role in my life.’ Or even, “I’m not sure I agree with what the Bible says about what’s most important.” Chances are the reason you drifted away from faith is that you lost touch with others who share your faith. You started spending most or all of your time with people who don’t share your same hope in Jesus. They may be important friends, in fact the Bible says that Jesus died for everyone, but if you are going to hold on to the Hope of Jesus you need to spend time with His people, both in church together and in a smaller group format where you can know others and be known by them. How will you choose to connect with other people this week?