Keep putting your faith into practice. Keep looking to the Bible. Keep praying. Keep loving your family and friends. These simple acts don’t always feel super meaningful in the moment, but added up over time they add up to huge meaning in your life and other peoples’ lives. They add up to the peace of God being with you. Pay attention to what God is saying. Is He nudging you to try something new? Maybe He’s nudging you to lead a Group or just be in a Group. Maybe He’s nudging you to give back in some new way. Central is full of people who need to be around you. God has brought you through hardships. It wasn’t pretty, but you made it, and now you know exactly how to comfort another person going through the same thing. A lot of times people ask, why do bad things happen to good people? That’s a tough question I really don’t think we can answer, but I know one reason is so that good people can happen to bad things. So that good people can come through those tough times and be strong for others who are going through them. You will never know just how much a call or a message from you might mean to a person struggling with something you’ve been through. Two of the most powerful words in the world are “me too.” Who can you say that to? Where is God leading you to be a comfort to others?