God has a right to take away anything that we don’t use for Him. It’s true in every area of life—use it or lose it. If you don’t exercise, you lose muscle. If you don’t use your mind, it gets dull. Now the opposite is also true. You get more of what you invest. Whatever you would like to have more of from the Lord, start giving what you’ve got to Him. If you want more energy, start using more energy for the Lord and watch it multiply. If you need more time, give the first part of your time to the Lord, and watch Him multiply your time. If you need more money, start being generous with the Lord’s work, planting seeds.... that’s how you experience Jesus’ words, “Give and it will be given to you.” Whatever you need more of, start giving away what you’ve got. If you’d like to be more talented, start using the talent that you have, no matter how little it seems to you and like a muscle it will grow and stretch and develop and get bigger and better.