Maybe all you want for Christmas this year is some family peace. To dial down the drama and get along. To feel some love and some togetherness. A sense of belonging. Maybe you just want some peace and quiet this Christmas. To stop hustling for one day. To be able to rest and not feel so tired—not feel so overwhelmed. Maybe you just want to be happy. To get back a little of that wonder you felt as a kid. Maybe you just want to wake up Christmas morning and feel like everything is going to be okay. To not be afraid. To know that better days are ahead. That the best is yet to come. The good news is that these are exactly the kind of gifts God wants to give us at Christmas. Jesus was born to give you more than just a holiday; He was born to bring you a new day in your life. He was born to bring you all the things you really long for. Hope. Joy. Peace. Forgiveness. Eternal life. Good news. The greatest gift of Christmas is one you don't have to open, shop for, or buy. The real miracle of Christmas isn't under the tree. The greatest Christmas present is God’s presence and you don’t have to wait to open it, because God is everything we all want. He comes with peace, with help, with direction for your life and with joy. Those are all gifts I hope we all open this year.