If you have to choose between grace and haste, choose grace. This holiday season, spend the extra time listening to person who calls, even when they start complaining. Let other people cut in line or steal your parking space. Be thankful for the cards you receive, enjoy them, before you feel the pressure to respond because you haven’t gotten theirs out yet. Accept gifts graciously, thankfully, even if your gift-equality is out of whack. Watch those cheesy old movies with your family (snuggle even though your kids are wiggly or huge). Listen to the music, even though you have heard it all before. Go through all the traditions—slowly. Take time to notice the lights, smell the smells and most of all take in the story of Jesus all around you during this time of year. You might have a thousand things to do, but don’t skip out on church and don’t blow past Jesus. He’s the reason for it all. Have a personal encounter with Him. Feel that joy and awe again. That’s what we all really want, isn’t it? You don’t get that by going faster. Grace is incompatible with haste.