God is the only one who knows the future. Everything He plans comes to pass. God literally has zero uncertainty. Nothing surprises Him. Nothing overwhelms Him. He never says, “I did NOT see that coming.” He sees it all coming. He is not limited in His ability to bring His plan to completion. God’s plans are your future. At the same time it’s important to say that not everything that happens is a part of God’s plans. Plenty of what happens in this world is a complete violation of God’s will and character. The bible says God desires for all to be saved—sadly we see plenty of people reject God. The world is a place where people are free to choose their own wills. That means it’s a place filled with uncertainty. But at the same time, God works out His certain plans in this uncertain world. And He is bringing it to a certain completion. What we need to do is aim our life at His plans. You can’t know what is going to happen in the future, but you can follow God, day by day, into your best future. You can choose today to direct your life at God and go where He is leading. This does not mean it will be all high fives and victory laps. There will be ups and downs. Wins and losses. Suffering and joy. But God will surround you with His strength, His protection and His people if you just seek Him. If you want to secure your future, the best thing you can do is seek God today.