Sometimes when we think about God being everywhere, it kind of freaks us out. Is He tracking us to catch us in all our mistakes? Is He shaking His head in disappointment every time we don’t hit the standard, or give in to temptation? What’s the advantage of Him being all present? Psalm 139 answers this question with powerful statements. First of all, the psalmist says that God has examined my heart and know(s) everything about me. Here’s how that relates to your feeling alone. When you feel misunderstood—God gets you. Do you have those people in your life who just get you? It’s easy to be together because you are on the same wavelength. Then you have those people who don’t get you. You have to filter everything you say around them and communicate on a more surface level. It’s harder. Listen, God is someone who gets you (even though you may not fully get Him). He knows you better than you know yourself.