Love others. Theologians call this God’s moral will. He wants you to do good in the lives of other people. This is the golden rule Jesus taught. He said do unto others what you would have them do unto you. Notice, it’s all about action. Do for others. Be active, not just reactive. If you like being thanked, thank others. If you like being let in traffic when you need to get over, let others over. If you like it when people care about what you think or feel, then YOU care about what others think and feel. If you like getting help when you are down on your luck, then help others when they are down on their luck. I don’t know what God’s specific will for you is, but I know the more you love others as you like to be loved the closer you get to it. Maybe what you need is not for the clouds to open and for God to say, “This is what you need to do…” But you need to open your heart and say, ‘Who should I be loving?’ You need to love that challenging family member. You need to call the person you are avoiding. You need to pitch in and help around the house. Maybe you just need to say thank you to someone. Or you need to forgive someone. Or you need to honor someone who you are currently harming or dishonoring. Maybe you need to end a habit or relationship that you know is hurting someone else or damaging your own character. When you aim to love others, you are aiming at God’s will.