Lots of times we look to God to strengthen up all the places we feel weak. When your marriage or relationship goes sideways you call in God to make you feel strong. When you have a huge test or a major task at work or a parenting challenge you can’t handle, you call upon God to make you feel strong. We think, ‘I can do this if God helps. He will show up and take the weakness away.’ But that’s not what we see here. You need to move forward even though you feel weak. If you wait until you feel strong enough to deal with your addiction, you never will. If you wait for your crazy schedule to settle down before you deal with your health or some serious issue, you will never do it. If you wait for the fighting to simmer down before you seek counseling or outside help, you will never seek that help. And the best time to come to church is when you feel like going the least. When you walk with your weakness you start to live with God’s power. Your weakness releases God’s strength. It’s a faith thing. It’s a trust thing. It’s about more than just believing with your head… it’s about believing with your heart, your hands and your feet. God is good and God is powerful, but often we access that power in the areas we feel weakest.