As a human being, you cannot live without loss. Everything in this world is temporary. Losses are inevitable. The typical question we always ask is why. Why is this happening to me? Why is this going on? And that is the unanswerable question. We’re not going to know on this side of eternity. Looking back later from heaven you’ll be able to see why some things happened the way they did. We do know that this is a broken planet. We do know that sin has caused a lot of problems in this world. Everything that happens on this planet is not God’s will, because a lot of people choose to not do God’s will. There are consequences and all kinds of damage. When we ask the “why” question, we don’t get an answer. But I’ve discovered after talking to hundreds of people through experiences of grief over the years that we don’t need an explanation anyway. What we need is an answer to ‘how.’ How can we move on? How can we rebuild our life after something important was lost? That really is the most important question. Losses are inevitable; rising up is optional.