One practical step you can take this year is to make a Stop Doing List. So many of us make to do lists and those are good, but if you want to move from time management to heart and life management, where you put God first, you will need to stop doing some other things to make time for the One thing. I did this years ago and it’s made a huge change in my life, my attitude, and my ability to focus on what is most important and not burn out. My biggest struggle was to realize that if I stop doing those other things, then I will disappoint those people. And it was all about getting to a place where I am okay with that. You can’t do everything. You can’t please everyone. But you can focus on pleasing God and serving others out of that. To get your life right you need to get your priorities right. Put God first, discover that One thing, and soon all the other priorities will become more and more clear. Some things will slide to the bottom of the to do list that are now at the top. The result will be more peace, more strength, and more energy. You won’t be taking on life alone. You won’t be constantly overwhelmed by the urgent. You may never get any better at time management, but by loving God and loving people, you can start rocking your life and heart management.