A while back I saw this post on the Humans of New York Instagram feed. They take photos of random people they see on the streets of New York and post their stories. One particular couple’s story really moved me, and it is the power of what this Proverbs 3:9-10 talks about, “radical loyalty.” She says, “I’ve been having nerve issues, and this past year it’s gotten so bad that it hurts too much for me to walk. It was completely unexpected. I’ve always been such an optimistic person, but now I’m fighting with depression. He’s doing everything he can to take my mind off of it. We’re not sure if I’m going to get better, but he’s planning a backpacking tour through Europe for when I do. And I told him that I didn’t think I could handle a visit to New York right now, but he told me that he’d push me around the whole city. And he has. And whenever I feel particularly down, he tells me that he’s not going anywhere, and how happy he is that he married me. Not long ago I had a particularly rough period, and when I was at one of my lowest moments, he asked if we could renew our vows.” That is so beautiful and powerful. I want to strive to be that kind of friend, that kind of dad, and that kind of pastor—loyal to the end, committed to others and faithful. I can’t do much about my outside features—hair, nose, skin or teeth—but I can commit myself to being a faithful friend and Proverbs says that is powerful.