You don’t need to seek answers you don’t have to your problems; you need to seek God’s presence. Seek His strength. Seek His goodness. Seek His wisdom. Seek His power. Seek His forgiveness. Seek His provision. Seek His direction. Seek His love. Seek His comfort. Seek His people. Seek His word. Seek His ways and seek His life. Trust God to be God. Choose Him as your provider. Choose Him as your protector and your promoter. Lay the heavy stuff on His shoulders and concern yourself with the God who knows your needs. Make this a habit and soon life will start to feel less heavy. Some complicated things will get simpler. Life will get more joyful. You will still face troubles, but your heart will be less and less troubled because the peace that is from beyond this world settles in your heart and in your mind. No matter what you might face in the future, it’s okay, because God will meet you there.