You can approach spiritual training by focusing on small changes over time. You don’t have to read and understand the whole Bible. You don’t need a degree or special training. You can just read a little each day. God says, ‘My word will not return void.’ That means that no matter how much you read, or how much you understand, His words will produce benefits eventually. You just have to stick with it. It’s called the living word. It will reach out and change your life whether you want it to or not! A simple way to start is by grabbing a Bible or downloading the Bible App. Go to Proverbs. There are 31 chapters filled with short statements of wisdom. So look at the date. If it’s the 8th, go to chapter 8 and read one or two sentences of wisdom. Pretend they are text messages from God. Shorter than a tweet. It’s small. It’s quick. You may not feel anything. You may not totally understand, but small changes over time add up to big gains. Make it a habit. Train wisely rather than try harder.