Author Philip Yancey had a great thought the other day that he shared on Facebook. He was playing some music at the piano, a hobby of his, and the sheet music had something in it called Grace Notes. These are little pieces of extra music, flourishes, placed into the melody to make it even more beautiful and special. They are not essential. They are also not easy. They make it a lot harder to play. Then he noticed at the bottom of the sheet of music there was commentary on this section that began with this line: “Grace is not compatible with haste.” Isn’t that true? It’s true of these grace notes in a hard piece of music. And it’s true of our lives. It’s true of Christmas and the miracles we hope to receive. Grace is not compatible with haste. If you rush it you can run right by it. Rush right past it. So if you want to make a way for a miracle you need to slow down to the pace of grace.