Some of us struggle with the fear of not having enough. We wonder if there will be enough money to pay for all the things we need. Or if there will be time to do all the things required—like make it home in time for the holidays or get the house clean enough for the people that are coming. We wonder if there’s enough energy to get through the challenges at work or in the family. Think about your money, your time, and your stuff--no matter how much it increases, don’t you notice that your appetite grows to meet it? Studies have shown for a long time that as our income increases, spending increases, and the end result is people making minimum wage or six figures both complain of the same thing: there just never seems to be enough. Talk to a person who is totally into fitness and health and what is their greatest worry? Their health! Talk to a person with lots of money. What is there greatest fear? Not having enough! There is something in us as people where enough is never enough. So where do we go to satisfy this hunger for enough? In John chapter 6, Jesus gives us the answer when He says, “I AM the bread of life.” He says, “I AM the one who satisfies your spiritual hunger so that enough is enough.” Jesus is our hope for enough!