Our world desperately needs hope. Right now, in our city, there is a mom who feels like her family is out of control and she needs hope. There is someone that moved to the area but they haven’t found the job they hoped they would and money is running out. They need hope. There is a single parent who is juggling so much with an incredible attitude, but he is tired and needs hope. There is somebody in the middle of chemo treatments, whose strength is gone and they wake up every morning feeling like they were a punching bag the day before. They need hope. There is someone who has everything they need from the outside point of view: money, home, car, job, and friends. There is a prisoner who feels he or she will never be whole again. There is a follower of Jesus who has committed to Him, been a part of a church, but has slipped away and gotten back into some old habits and ultimately feels desperate and alone. They need hope. Our world desperately needs hope—how can you share hope with others this week?